What UHCS has developed is one of the possible complements to The SeaCleaners’ Manta project. Using oceanic waste to make houses out of it is great !

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This is entrusted to a partner architect approved by UHCS who is responsible for sound construction of the building. Extruded or 3D printed, the different components all comply with the most exacting standards of dependability, strength, reuse or acoustic and thermal insulation.

UHCS manufactures nothing itself. Through concern for the ecology, partners approved all over the world produce the basic material under licence, which they then deliver, leaving  architects with the task of constructing the final property to a high standard. Manufacturers, architects and buildings are all part of a single association of partners who master the system.


IGO will be modules built for mass use to establish villages or towns in the least favoured regions. Simple but comfortable self-sufficient modules joined together for energy needs.

UHCS constructions are universal. We can make residences – basic or luxury – schools, administrative buildings, activity centers – equipped with all the certifications of the best European standards (certifications SIA for Switzerland and ISO for the world)



EGO is addressed to everyone who is looking for an individual house using the same basic technology, but with a different environment. The facades can in fact be clad in any type of material, either decorative or luxurious. The interior finish obviously depends on the client.

House – Annecy

Pilot house in France, near Annecy, on a farm wishing to offer a didactic experience to people with a special interest in aromatic and medicinal plants that are an integral part of the Haute-Savoie region’s biodiversity.

School project in Africa

House – Europe

Currently several projects offer houses with a floor of 96 m²
3.5 rooms or houses with two floors / 150 m².

Building – Europe

Building up buildings with UHCS is done in mixed design with traditional materials.

House – Africa

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UHCS constructions are universal. Single or semi-detached houses – with all the certifications of the best European standards (SIA certifications for Switzerland and ISO for the world).


Authorized partners from around the world produce the basic material under license, deliver it, and let the architects take care of it in the right forms of the final object. If you want to become one of these partners, contact us.