« Plastic waste is not our enemy – Let us make it an ally »
Igor Ustinov

They are the root of all evil, but quite indispensable. Year in, year out, over 300 million tonnes of all kinds of plastics are produced. For the most part, they are subsequently incinerated or dumped on a landfill site or in the natural environment.

Coordinated recycling is essential, as everyone agrees. The UHCS system enables a large part to be recycled responsibly in a way that is useful to the general population.

Timber is interesting but cannot be recycled. Concrete requires quantities of sand which the earth will no longer be able to supply in the medium-term. With the UHCS system, just 5% of cement is needed to put up buildings. The PET that is used can be recycled once the house has come to the end of its useful life. The components made of PET are filled with technical ducts and earth solidified by a small proportion of cement.


At first sight, the UHCS system seems destined above all for populations which lack the means of accessing decent housing. Today, the poor or emerging countries are willing to envisage the massive construction of villages that are self-sufficient in energy or, much better still, capable of becoming genuine regional electrical power plants.

But the application of the system goes much further. Luxury villas can be built on two floors using UHCS. The cubic elements can be added together at will to create spacious residences that fit in to any regional environment.



IGO will be modules built for mass use to establish villages or towns in the least favoured regions. Simple but comfortable self-sufficient modules joined together for energy needs.

UHCS constructions are universal. They can be used for housing – basic or luxury – schools, administrative buildings, activity centres – benefiting from all certifications of compliance with the best European standards (SIA certification for Switzerland and ISO for the whole world).



EGO is addressed to everyone who is looking for an individual house using the same basic technology, but with a different environment. The facades can in fact be clad in any type of material, either decorative or luxurious. The interior finish obviously depends on the client.



UHCS constructions are universal. Single or semi-detached houses – with all the certifications of the best European standards (SIA certifications for Switzerland and ISO for the world).


Authorized partners from around the world produce the basic material under license, deliver it, and let the architects take care of it in the right forms of the final object. If you want to become one of these partners, contact us.