Upcycling: Swiss made plastic houses

23 November 2020
Crèche Afrique

With greater energy efficiency needed in future, recycled waste is becoming an important source of raw materials, with towns and cities ultimately being exploited as urban mines. PET Plastics are recycled in ever more creative and varied ways, but it is often a challenge to recycle a mix of polymers. UHCS is an approach to upcycle PET which not only provides solutions for plastic recycling, but also introduces sustainable methods to the construction industry, an industry which faces a lot of challenges on its path to higher energy-efficiency and sustainability. Find out more on House of Swtzerland.org.



UHCS constructions are universal. Single or semi-detached houses – with all the certifications of the best European standards (SIA certifications for Switzerland and ISO for the world).


Authorized partners from around the world produce the basic material under license, deliver it, and let the architects take care of it in the right forms of the final object. If you want to become one of these partners, contact us.